Altai State Medical University, Russia
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Altai State Medical University, Russia

Altai State Medical University, Russia

MBBS from Altai State Medical University Russia

One of Russia’s top medical colleges, Altai State Medical University (AGMU) offers top-notch medical education and is located in West Siberia. The capital of Altai Krai, Barnaul, is where you’ll find Altai State Medical University. The Altai State Medical University has served as a source of qualified specialists for the local healthcare system for sixty years. The university has produced 25,000 physicians and pharmacists who now practice in the Altai region, the Republics of Tuva and Altai, as well as in far-off lands. In the Altai region, graduates of AGMU make up 90% of the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Apply for MBBS Admission to Altai State Medical University

The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Health supervises the Altai State Medical University. One of the main centres for research, education, and cross-cultural communication. Out of the approximately 1000 international students, the majority are from the Russian Federation.

Altai State Medical University World Ranking

ASMU is 4474 among all universities in the world. According to the W.H.O World Ranking. Altai University ranks lower than 194 among Russian medical universities.


Altai State Medical University’s faculties of medicine

At Altai State Medical University, there are a total of six faculties and 60 departments.

  • Medical Faculty
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Pharmacy Faculty
  • Dentistry Faculty
  • Medicine And Preventive Studies Faculty
  • Faculty of Foreign Students


Altai Medical University Admission procedure

  • Since its establishment in 1954. The Altai State Medical University’s general medicine faculty has expanded to rank among the largest medical faculties in the Russian Federation.
  • The Altai State Medical University’s medical faculty celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2014. Currently, graduates of ASMU, specifically the general medicine faculty, make up about 90% of the medical professionals in the Altai region.
  • Graduates of the faculty work as professionals in healthcare organisations with a variety of ownership structures, health authorities, academic and professional institutions, research organisations, social protection organisations, etc.


The Altai Medical University dental colleges

Since its founding in 1990, it has managed to grow to accommodate about 800 students. The practice of the necessary professional dental care skills is the main goal of the training. Altai Medical University has a cutting-edge dental clinic as well as specialized phantom classes. The graduates receive a Dental Practitioner certification. Graduates who complete residency training can earn the credentials of a specialist, such as a pediatric dentist, dental orthopedist, periodontist, orthodontist, or surgeon dentist.

Benefits of studying at Altai State Medical University

  • The WHO and MCI/NMC India have approved and recognized medical programs.
  • High-quality teaching practices and standards are greatly improved.
  • Modern medical techniques and technologies.
  • Students will receive extensive exposure to practical knowledge.
  • Low-cost tuition and reasonable living expenses
  • Simple admissions process
  • Not requiring donations
  • The ASMU faculty focuses on the intelligent aspects of instruction
  • Teachers and specialists will provide individualized instruction to each student while they are enrolled in classes.

Note: The Altai State Medical University in Russia is well-known worldwide for providing the best medical education services in the country, especially to foreign students.


MBBS Fees in Altai State Medical University Fee Structure


Qualifications for Admission

Before completing the application form, candidates must be eligible. One of the renowned universities in Russia is Altai Medical University. Numerous undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses are available at the university. There are no entrance exams required for admission because it’s strictly a first-come, first-served policy.


Eligibility requirements for Altai State Medical University.

  • Passing the 10+2 exam with the subjects of physics, chemistry, biology, and English (Min. 50 per cent)
  • The candidate must have received at least 50% of the available points in the Science stream in their 12th grade.
  • Age: The student must be at least 17 years old.
  • NEET: The applicant must have passed the NEET exam.


Apply for admission to Altai State Medical University if you are interested.

  • Complete the admissions form.
  • Present documents (Scanned copy of class 10th and 12th mark sheets, NEET Score, copy of Passport)
  • Obtain a letter of admission or confirmation ( It will take 10 Days)
  • Request Letter ( Invitation Processing time is 20 Days)
  • Apply for a visa (processing time is 10 days at the Embassy).


Documents needed for a visa:

  • Original Passport (Minimum validity 2 years)
  • Invitation Letter
  • 4 Photographs with white background
  • HIV test report


Student’s Life at Altai State Medical University

Hostels at Altai Medical University – The three dorms at Altai State Medical University are situated in the heart of the city. The most significant locations are accessible from the dorms because they are close to the major public transportation lines. There are reading halls, sports fields, and play areas that help our students make the best use of their time.

  • At Altai State Medical University, phone recharging stations, retail stores, and cafes are all conveniently located near the hostel.
  • Medical students who stay at the hostel have access to the gym, pool, reading rooms, and common areas.

Library at Altai State Medical University

  • Over 3,30,000 books, including abstracts from medical dissertations, and journals. More than 200 current periodic edition titles are held in the library’s fund. The library is the region of Siberia with the largest collection of medical books.
  • The library is a very useful resource for the University’s teachers and students in their educational and scientific works because of the collection of scientific information, educational materials, and periodical literature. Internet connections have been installed in the library, and CLIS (computer-aided library-information system) has been made available.
  • The Altai State Medical University has a small-scale plant and edit-publishing centre where workers’ scientific works, monographs, and conference materials are composed and printed.

Social Activities at Altai State Medical University

Altai State Medical University has a wide variety of student organizations. In many ways, it aids in the development of their personality. The sports complex includes two large sports halls, a swimming pool with a sauna, a playground, a well-equipped gymnasium, and two shooting ranges that are open to all sports enthusiasts. The medical school at Altai State has its ski resort.


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